The e-Visa Egypt is compulsory to enter Egypt and must be filled online before your arrival in the country

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How to apply for and obtain an Egypt electronic visa ?


Since December 2017, the Arab Republic of Egypt has allowed nationals of eligible countries to enter Egyptian soil for tourism only. The authorities advise travelers to apply for a visa before arriving in Egypt and therefore to do so online.

Follow the following steps for your e-visa application:

• Step one: Complete the application form indicating your personal information

• Step two: Before validating the payment, please check that your form contains no errors. This avoids delays in processing and approval times.

• Step three: Verify your information once again and complete the payment

To follow up on the payment, your application will be processed and as soon as it is approved by the immigration services, you will receive it in PDF format by email. It is advisable to print and take a hard copy with you, which you present at border control.